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How to Purchase - ETFs

Investing in VanEck ETFs

How can you use a VanEck ETF as part of your investment program?
VanEck ETFs can be used in many ways as part of an overall investment program. An investor can purchase shares of a VanEck ETF and thereby get the right to receive any income paid by the ETF and the right, upon sale of the ETF, to any profits or losses as the ETF’s value changes.
An investor can use VanEck ETFs in a variety of hedging strategies. Shares of the Funds can be sold short. In so doing, the investor is often seeking to take advantage of an anticipated decline in the ETF’s price or to protect a profit in a long position. 

In addition, investors can employ a variety of investment strategies using any options available on VanEck ETFs. For more information about these and other uses, you should discuss VanEck ETFs with your investment advisor.
A short sale of a security involves the risk of an unlimited increase in the market price of the security which could result in an inability to cover the short position and thus a theoretically unlimited loss.

Buy and Sell

How can you buy and sell VanEck ETF shares on the secondary market?
Shares of VanEck ETFs are listed on the NYSE. You can buy and sell VanEck ETF shares on the secondary market in the same way you buy and sell any other exchange-traded security—through a broker. In so doing, in most cases you will incur customary brokerage commissions and charges and may pay some or all of the spread between the bid and the offered price in the secondary market on each leg of a round trip (purchase and sale) transaction. VanEck ETF shares will trade at prices that may differ to varying degrees from the closing net asset values of the shares. Given, however, that shares can be created and redeemed daily in Creation Units by Authorized Participants, the advisor of VanEck ETFs, Van Eck Associates Corporation, believes that large discounts and premiums to net asset value are not likely to be sustained for very long.

Price Information

How can you find price information about VanEck ETF shares?

Prices & Returns shows the most recent business day’s closing NAVs (Net Asset Value) and closing market prices of all VanEck ETFs. Each individual ETF page also shows "Prices" from the preceding business day; see MOO. The NYSE Web site at, shows similar information.The closing prices of VanEck ETF shares are widely available on the Internet and, for the preceding business day, in the business section of many major newspapers.