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    The VanEck VIP Global Gold Fund is an actively managed portfolio that invests in gold-mining equities. Geologist Joe Foster has been part of VanEck's gold investment team since 1996. The Fund offers exposure to gold — a distinct asset class typically fueled by robust investment and jewelry demand, as well as ongoing supply constraints. The Fund is managed by a specialized investment team that conducts continuous on- and under-the-ground research to access mining efficiencies and opportunities.

  • Fund Details


    as of 11/30/17
    Net Assets $19.9M Turnover Rate (2015) 56.0%
    Number of Holdings 61 P/B (LTM) 1.5
  • Fund Summary


    The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in common stocks of gold-mining companies. Income is a secondary consideration. The Fund's benchmarks are the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index (GDM) and the S&P 500 Index.

  • Country Weightings (%)


    United States9.6
    United Kingdom3.2

  • Sector Weightings (%)


    Gold 79.7
    Precious Metals & Minerals 5.9
    Diversified Metals & Mining 4.0
    Silver 3.6
    Unassigned 0.6
    Cash 6.2
  • Top 10 Holdings (%)


    B2Gold Corp. 5.6
    Newmont Mining Corporation 4.9
    Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited 4.4
    Evolution Mining Limited 4.2
    Fresnillo PLC 3.9
    Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. 3.9
    Royal Gold, Inc. 3.2
    Randgold Resources Limited 3.2
    Alamos Gold Inc. 3.0
    Continental Gold Inc 2.8

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    These are not recommendations to buy or sell any security. Sectors and holdings may vary.

  • Production Level Breakdown (%)


    Senior/Majors (1.5 - 6.0M oz.) 25.5
    Mid-Tiers (0.3M - 1.5M oz.) 39.7
    Juniors (<0.3M oz.) 34.8
    Average Weighted Market Cap $1.9B

    Portfolio production level classifications are determined by VanEck’s Gold and Precious Metals Investment Team.

  • Important Disclosure

    You can lose money by investing in the Fund. Any investment in the Fund should be part of an overall investment program, not a complete program. The Fund is subject to the risks associated with concentrating its assets in the gold industry, which can be significantly affected by international economic, monetary and political developments. The Fund’s overall portfolio may decline in value due to developments specific to the gold industry. The Fund’s investments in foreign securities involve risks related to adverse political and economic developments unique to a country or a region, currency fluctuations or controls, and the possibility of arbitrary action by foreign governments, including the takeover of property without adequate compensation or imposition of prohibitive taxation. The Fund is subject to risks associated with investments in debt securities, derivatives, commodity-linked instruments, illiquid securities, asset-backed securities, CMOs and small- or mid-cap companies. The Fund is also subject to inflation risk, short-sales risk, market risk, non-diversification risk and leverage risk. Please see the prospectus for information on these and other risk considerations.

    The NYSE Arca Gold Miners (GDMNTR) Index (the "Index") is a Net Total Return modified market capitalization weighted index comprised of publicly traded companies primarily involved in the mining of gold and silver in locations around the world. The S&P® 500 Index, calculated with dividends reinvested, consists of 500 leading companies in leading industries of the U.S. economy.

    Indices are unmanaged and are not securities in which investments can be made.

    The Fund is only available as an option under various insurance contracts issued by life insurance and annuity companies. These contracts offer life and tax benefits to the beneficial owners of the Fund. The insurance or annuity company charges, fees and expenses for these benefits are not included in Fund performance. A review of the particular life and/or annuity contract will provide you with much greater detail regarding these costs and benefits.

    The Fund is not available directly to the general public. For more complete information on variable life/annuity products, including all charges and expenses, please obtain a prospectus from a licensed insurance agent/registered representative. The prospectus includes information about the investment objective, risks, charges and expenses. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.