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VanEck VIP Emerging Markets Bond Fund*


The VanEck VIP Emerging Markets Bond Fund can invest in debt securities that are issued by governments, quasi-government entities or corporations in emerging markets countries. These securities may be denominated in any currency, including those of emerging markets. By investing in emerging markets debt securities, the Fund offers exposure to emerging markets fundamentals, generally characterized by lower debts and deficits, higher growth rates and independent central banks. Lead Portfolio Manager, Eric Fine, has over 25 years of experience in emerging markets.


Fund Details


Net Assets $16.8M
Turnover Rate (2022) 249.6 Number of Issues 100

Fund Summary


The Fund seeks high total return — income plus capital appreciation — by investing globally, primarily in a variety of debt securities. The Fund's benchmark is 50% J.P Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index (EMBI) Global Diversified and 50% J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index-Emerging Markets (GBI-EM) Global Diversified.

Gross Currency Exposure (%)


U.S. Dollar 42.5
Brazilian Real 6.4
Mexican Peso 4.9
Polish Zloty 4.7
Malaysian Ringgit 4.6
Indonesian Rupiah 4.1
Peruvian New Sol 3.9
Chilean Peso 3.6
Colombian Peso 3.6
Czech Koruna 2.9
Philippines Peso 2.5
Hungarian Forint 2.5
Uruguay Peso 2.3
Zambian Kwacha 1.8
Euro 1.8
Sri Lankan Rupee 1.6
Dominican Rep. Peso 1.5
South Korean Won 1.0
Turkish Lira 1.0
Ugandan Shilling 0.5

Top Countries (%)


Mexico 9.6
Brazil 7.8
China 5.4
Colombia 4.8
Indonesia 4.8
Poland 4.7
Malaysia 4.6
Peru 3.9
Chile 3.6
Czech Republic 2.9
Other 45.8
Cash 2.1

Credit Quality Breakdown (%)


AAA 0.0
AA 5.3
A 7.7
BBB 27.4
BB 22.0
B 7.4
CCC 4.1
CC 1.8
C 0.0
NR 22.2
Other 0.0
Cash 2.1
Source: Bloomberg. Rating is a proprietary composite of various rating agencies. A bond must be rated by two or more rating agencies to receive a composite rating; otherwise it is classified as Not Rated.

All Holdings (%)


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Fund Statistics


Effective Duration (Years) 5.68
Average Years to Maturity 8.85
Effective duration takes into account that expected cash flows will fluctuate as interest rates change. Average years to maturity is the average amount of time until the bonds mature.

Portfolio Weightings (%)


Sovereign Bond 75.5
Corporate Bond 19.7
Quasi-Sovereign Bond 1.9
Supranational Bond 0.7
Cash 2.1

Regional Weightings (%)


Latin America 37.1
Asia 32.6
Africa 12.1
EU Europe 11.8
Non-EU Europe 2.8
North America 1.1
Other 0.5
Cash 2.1