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  • Natural Resources

    April 26, 2021

    Natural Resources Maintain Momentum

    by Shawn Reynolds, Portfolio Manager

    Reopening, regeneration and aggressive, coordinated fiscal and monetary policy moves set the stage for strong U.S. growth going into the first quarter of 2021.

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    Natural Resources

    March 09, 2021

    All Things Reconsidered in the Inflation Debate

    by Andrew Musgraves, Product Manager

    As global markets continue to recover from a large deflationary shock, investors should be revisiting an allocation to natural resources and commodities, in our view.

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    Natural Resources

    March 05, 2021

    Clean Energy – A Global Paradigm Shift is Underway

    by Sunny Bokhari, ETF Product Analyst

    Regulatory support to transition the world to a cleaner energy mix and reduce the global carbon footprint are setting the stage for a clean energy revolution.

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    Natural Resources

    March 03, 2021

    Unearthing the Rare Earths Investment Opportunity

    by Meghana Pakala, ETF Product Analyst

    Given recent developments in geopolitical interests and environmental applications of strategic metals, we believe now is an exciting time to explore investment opportunities in rare earths.

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