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Digital Assets
Trends to Watch in Crypto for 2022
  • Why demand for decentralized solutions has never been higher
  • Making sense of the digital asset universe – both coins and companies – through categorization
  • Different ways to access the investment opportunity through publicly-traded ETFs
  • Matthew  Sigel
    Matthew Sigel
    Head of Digital Assets Research
  • John Patrick Lee, CFA
    John Patrick Lee, CFA
    Product Manager
01 February 2022
11:00 AM US ET
Natural Resources
Energy Transition & Greenflation Roadmap
  • Historical price anomalies across a range of commodities markets
  • How producers are benefitting from current market dynamics
  • The potential impacts of rising interest rates
  • Shawn Reynolds
    Shawn Reynolds
    Portfolio Manager
  • Roland Morris
    Roland Morris
    Portfolio Manager and Strategist
  • Veronica Zhang
    Veronica Zhang
    Deputy Portfolio Manager and Analyst
15 February 2022
11:00 AM US ET