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VanEck Social Sentiment ETF

Index Key Points

Underlying Index:

BUZZ NextGen AI US Sentiment Leaders Index

The Index Composition:

The index is a designed to track the performance of the 75 large cap US stocks which exhibit the highest degree of positive investor sentiment and bullish perception based on content aggregated from online sources including social media, news articles, blog posts and other alternative datasets.

Companies eligible for inclusion in the Index:

  • Security must be an equity security traded on a major U.S. exchange (over-the-counter securities are ineligible for inclusion);
  • Security must have a minimum market capitalization of at least $5 billion;
  • Security must have a 3-month minimum average daily trading volume of at least $1 million; and
  • All equity securities meeting the above criteria and satisfying the minimum number of mentions requirement are selected for inclusion in the universe. Mentions are defined as investment related posts from relevant online sources that may include news articles, blog posts, social media or other online discussion forums that are classified as relevant for analysis. The minimum number of mentions requirement threshold is based on a proprietary scoring methodology and incorporates a review of a rolling four quarters of data within the analysis.

Weighting Scheme:

  • Constituents are weighted using a proprietary scoring model and no single constituent may comprise more than 3% weight in the index.

Index provider:

BUZZ Holdings ULC

Effective August 18, 2016, BUZZ Holdings ULC implemented changes to the BUZZ NextGen AI US Sentiment Leaders Index construction rules. The index constituent count was increased from 25 stocks to 75 stocks and the maximum constituent weight was reduce from 15% to 3%. This change may result in more a diversified exposure to index constituents than under the rules in effect prior to this date. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Index Profile

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  • Rebalance Frequency


Index Top 10 Constituents (%)  as of 01/31/23

Total Constituents: 75
Constituent Name Ticker Weightings (%)
Lucid Group Inc LCID US 4.12
Tesla Inc TSLA US 3.76
Coinbase Global Inc -Class A COIN US 3.56
Nvidia Corp NVDA US 3.33
Gamestop Corp-Class A GME US 3.10
Facebook Inc-Class A FB US 3.07
Apple Inc AAPL US 2.98
Amazon.Com Inc AMZN US 2.94
Microsoft Corp MSFT US 2.86
Alphabet Inc-Cl A GOOGL US 2.76
Top 10 Total (%) 32.48
These are not recommendations to buy or to sell any security. Securities and holdings may vary.

Index Country Weightings (%)
as of 01/31/23

Country % of Net Assets
United States 98.7
Canada 1.3

Index Sector Weightings (%)
as of 01/31/23

Sector % of Net Assets
Information Technology 27.2
Consumer Discretionary 25.1
Communication Services 17.3
Financials 10.5
Industrials 9.0
Health Care 4.2
Energy 3.8
Consumer Staples 2.1
Materials 0.7

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